School and District Leaders




Data Based School Reform


Planning for Curriculum Integration of Technology


Internet Safety for Schools in the Digital Era


Smart Budgeting for Technology: An Intro to Total Cost of Ownership


Leading Schools in a Web 2.0 World


Developing and Growing Personal Learning Networks


Special Students in Regular Classrooms-Technology, Teaching, & UDL


Using Google to Become a 21st Century Administrator




Those wishing to earn PLUs for the School and District Leaders courses above must follow a 6-month, multi-step process:


1.     They must use STIPD to register for one of the EDU55xx courses above.

2.     They must successfully complete and receive credit in STIPD for the course.

3.     They must return to their school/district and plan for changes based on what they learned in the EDU55xx course. Those not in a position to make changes may formulate the plan as a proposal.

a.     Identify a problem in the area of the course

b.     Devise a solution to the problem

c.     Create an implementation plan or implementation proposal

d.     Use the PLU ACTION PLAN TEMPLATE to describe the entire process

e.     This project may be an outgrowth of the EDU55xx end of course project but it cannot be a repeat and reworking.

f.      The PLU is for school and district leaders – keep that in mind as you create your PLU project … creating an innovative lesson for your classroom is not sufficient (a school or grade wide innovation may be sufficient).

4.     They must prepare a presentation that showcases their plan and results  in an up-loadable multi-media format (PowerPoint, Photostory, website, video, Wiki, etc.)

5.     They must use STIPD to register for the corresponding 3-week PLUACLDxxx showcase course listed below 6-months after taking the EDU55xx course (EDU55xx  in Feb, Jun, or Oct ; PLUACLDxxx in Aug, Dec, or Apr, respectively).

6.     The PLUACLDxxx course requires them to:

a.     Post their end of course project for the original EDU55xx course in week 1.

b.     Post their showcase (plan and presentation) on their small group discussion forum in week 1.

c.     Review and Critique the showcases of their classmates in their assigned small groups (no more than 3) in week 2.

d.     Revise their showcase and project as required in week 2.

e.     Post their revised showcase and project in week 3.

f.      Review and critique at least two of the revised showcases in week 3.

Upon completion of all these requirements, they will receive 1 PLU credit in STIPD … eLearning can create STIPD accounts for those who do not have access to STIPD.





PLUASIL 1 ACLD, e-Learning for Educators, EDU5501E


PLUASIL 6 ACLD, e-Learning for Educators, EDU5502E


PLUASIL 6 ACLD, e-Learning for Educators, EDU5503E


PLUASIL 6 ACLD, e-Learning for Educators, EDU5504E


PLUASIL 6 ACLD, e-Learning for Educators, EDU5505E


PLUASIL 6 ACLD, e-Learning for Educators, EDU5506E


PLUASIL 6 ACLD, e-Learning for Educators, EDU5507E


PLUASIL 6 ACLD, e-Learning for Educators, EDU5508E




Showcase Examples


PLU Action Plan Template


Implementation Plan 1

Implementation Plan 2

Implementation Plan 3

Implementation Plan 4

Implementation Plan 5


Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Presentation 3

Presentation 4

Presentation 5


Keys to Success Taking eLearning Courses

The courses are structured in weekly sessions (one orientation week plus six academic weeks) - each week begins on Wednesday. Each session has assignments for you to complete ... readings, activities, discussion questions. After you finish the reading assignments (Wed, day 1), sit back and reflect on what you’ve read. Complete the activities (Thu, day 2) and spend some more time reflecting on what you already knew and what you may have learned from the readings and activities. On Fri, day 3, contemplate your original post (thread) to the discussion question and post it to the weekly discussion forum. On Sat, day 4, read posts of your classmates and reply to two or three that appeal to you. That's how the learning is done. No need to be online at any given time on any given day - but you should spend about 3-4 hours a week reading, doing activities, reflecting, composing, posting, replying. You must complete the weekly assignments in the assigned week. You must successfully complete 6 of 7 weekly assignments AND complete the course project to receive credit for the course – course projects are due within 30 days of the course end dates (extensions can be granted on a case-by-case basis).


Registration Procedures

You can register online through STI PD for any of our online teacher professional development courses by following these simple instructions (or contact us if you do not have STI PD access):

1) Go to for the STI PD registration page.
2) Enter your USERNAME (you can obtain it from your central office).
3) Enter your PASSWORD (you can obtain it from your central office).
4) Chose the correct LEA from the drop-down list.
5) Select the PD TITLES tab from those across the top of the page.
7) Enter the course number in the box along the right margin labeled PD TITLE NUMBER then click the SEARCH NOW button at the bottom of the page.
8) After the course description appears, select the link LIST under VIEW SCHEDULE along the right hand margin.
9) Scroll down the list of sessions until they find the session you wish to enroll in.
10) Select the ENROLL NOW button associated with your chosen session.