SCI3663: Earth Science 6-8

Earth’s Beautiful Biomes: An Exploration of Resources and Strategies
Teaching Middle School Science

Course Syllabus

Come along and learn some successful strategies for teaching about our amazingly diverse planet. Like no other in the universe, planet Earth is made up of distinct ecological regions called biomes. Exploring these distinctive biomes with their unique climates, flora and fauna, will take you beyond imagination. From the beautiful arctic fox of the tundra to the hardy conifers of the taiga, we will explore these regions and utilize technology tools to conduct research, document and analyze data, and to develop a class wiki to collaborate and to share what we have leaned with others on the web. As a final product, participants will create a course reader, rich with engaging activities and articles to be used as a class resource.


The course design is made up of an orientation session followed by six weekly coarse content sessions. Each of the six sessions is made up of an overview, coarse readings, activities, discussions, and additional resources.


Expectations/ Prerequisites

For successful completion of the course, participants are expected to: