(PD Title No. SCI3652E)
Life Science for 3-5: Creepy Crawlies and Slimey Slitheries
Proficiency Level: Mastery
Grade(s): 3,4,5
Hours: 30.00


Description:Kids are excited to learn about the living world around them. However, where do you get the resources to teach them about it? In this class, you will find and evaluate resources and share for life science. You will also identify recommendations by the National Science Teachers Association, the Alabama Course of Study, and the Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative. Finally, you will create a lesson plan using the recommendations and resources you learned about. The plans created in the class will be compiled and shared with all participants in this class.
Pre-requisites: Learners participating in this course should have reliable access to the Internet, ability to use email, a working knowledge of a computer’s file hierarchy, and the ability to browse the Internet. This course is appropriate professional development for science teachers, technology specialists, curriculum specialists, or professional development specialists.
Objectives: As a result of this class you will:
• Examine NSTA and ACOS recommendations.
• Evaluate online resources for content
• Create a set of life science resources to use.
• Evaluate resources used by AMSTI
• Create a plan for a lesson based on ACOS and NSTA