PLUASIL 6 ACLD, e-Learning for Educators of Alabama, EDU5508E: Using Google to Become a 21st C. Admi



Subject(s):Foreign Languages, Language Arts and Reading, Guidance, Health Education, Industrial Education, Interdisciplinary, Leadership Training, Multicultural Education, Music, Parent Education, Psychology, Science, Social Science, Volunteer, Special Education, Technology, Computer Education, Mathematics, Business, Art, Career Tech, Library Media, Basic Training, Physical Education, Standard 1 Planning for Continuous Improvement, Standard 2 Teaching and Learning, Standard 3 Human Resources Development, Standard 4 Diversity, Standard 5 Community and Stakeholder Relationships, Standard 6 Technology, Standard 7 Management of the Learning Organization, Standard 8 Ethics


Required Prerequisites:

  • EDU5508E Using Google to become a 21st Century Administrator (ALSDE-RIC)


Description/Abstract: This 2-week online course provides the opportunity to earn 1 ACLD-approved PLU for participants who successfully completed the e-Learning for Educators course EDU5508E.


Objectives: Candidates for 1 PLU will be required to present a showcase of the changes they have made to their school(s) based on what they learned in the EDU5508E Data Based School Reform course.

The showcase can be in any of a number of different formats (e.g., PowerPoint, PhotoStory, Website, Wiki, Blog). The showcase or link to the showcase and a narrative description will be posted to the course discussion board. Candidates will also be required to review the showcases of their classmates and provide a substantial reply to at least three of them.

Contact eLearning-Alabama at 334-670-1884 or if you have questions.