National Board for Professional Teaching Standards An Overview


Students in this course will gain an understanding of the goals of NBPTS and the specific requirements of portfolio entries. (Entries dealing with student learning entries 1-3 will be addressed in this course, Entry 4 dealing with professional development is not dealt with in this course.). This course will enable participants to evaluate their readiness and willingness to apply for National Board candidacy. The course will offer guided practice to help teachers probe the requirements of the student learning aspects of the National Board portfolio entries.




Students will gain an appreciation of how the knowledge of subject area is created and linked to analysis and reflection, demonstrate a command of specialized knowledge and how to convey that knowledge to students, generate multiple paths to knowledge, utilize multiple methods to achieve goals and develop a self-assessment to determine their own readiness to apply for National Board candidacy.



Course Structure and Requirements:


This course is divided into an orientation week and six one-week sessions which include readings, activities, online discussions, and responses among course participants. Participants are expected to complete weekly assignments, including active participation in the discussion board. In addition, participants will develop and share their final product with facilitator and/or course participants. Allow 2 - 5 hours per session for completion of all requirements.

The topics for this workshop are as follows:

Session One:

National Board Certification: What and Why for You?

Session Two:

Meeting the Standards: Planning and Preparation

Session Three:

Analysis of Student Work: Concrete Evidence

Session Four:

Reflection: Refining the Craft

Session Five:

NBPTS and You: Your Practice

Session Six:

Self-Assessment The Decision Is Yours




Final Product:


Self-Assessment - You will write a self-assessment of how you dealt with each component of the course requirements for analyzing and reflecting. You will be asked to detail how you consciously made decisions and how you reflected on those decisions.