Geometric Measurement for Grades 6-8 (Active) EDIT PD TITLE



 Hours: 30.00


Proficiency Levels: Mastery 


Suggested Prerequisites: This course is designed for teachers, curriculum specialists, professional development specialists, or other school personnel. Participants are expected to have regular access to computers, and proficiency with email and current web-browsers.


Description/Abstract: In this course, participants will become familiar with the van Hiele framework and how it can be used to understand the challenges of teaching particular geometric measurement tasks for students in the middles grades.  Participants will learn about and discuss ways to use the framework as a basis for teaching perimeter, area, surface area and volume to ensure greater student success.  In addition, participants will learn how to use a protocol for examining student work in order to reflect on and analyze students’ thinking to help them plan the next steps in their teaching process.  For the final project, participants will use the van Hiele framework to develop or modify a classroom task focused on geometric measurement. 


Objectives: Participants will:

• Read and discuss relevant research in teaching geometric measurement in the middle grades, particularly develop familiarity with levels of geometric reasoning;

• Learn how to analyze student work to inform instruction;

• Learn approaches to teaching geometric measurement that emphasize both conceptual and procedural knowledge, particularly in linear measurement, area, surface area, and perimeter;

• Explore the relationships between perimeter and area and between area and surface area;

• Explore visualization, spatial reasoning, and geometric modeling as vehicles to build mathematical skills;

• Become familiar with virtual manipulatives and hands on activities designed to promote both conceptual and procedural knowledge around geometric measurement;