(PD Title No. ELA3412E)

Best Practices for Vocabulary Instruction in the Middle School Classroom

Proficiency Level: Mastery

Subject(s):Language Arts and Reading

Grade(s): 6,7,8

Hours: 30.00


Description: This course will expand participants’ understanding of vocabulary development and the instructional techniques that are effective in helping students in grades six through eight expand their meaning vocabularies. Participants will learn how to assess students’ vocabulary knowledge and select words from a text that are most useful for instruction, including those with high-frequency Greek and Latin word parts. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to explore online resources for vocabulary development and assess their own current vocabulary teaching strategies. Packed with practical tips and resources, this course will appeal to educators who are interested in learning new ways to extend their students’ knowledge of words.    


Pre-requisites: This is an introductory course for teachers, technology specialists, curriculum specialists, professional development specialists, or other school personnel. Participants are expected to have regular access to computers, and proficiency with email and current web-browsers.


Objectives: This course will enable participants to:
• Deepen their understanding of vocabulary development
• Deepen their understanding of levels of vocabulary knowledge
• Assess students’ levels of vocabulary knowledge
• Select appropriate words from text for instruction purposes
• Plan and implement strategies for direct instruction of vocabulary words
• Evaluate Web sites designed for vocabulary building
• Analyze the ways in which technology can be used to foster students’ vocabulary development

Note: The participant will need to work with a student in grades 6-8 in Sessions 1 and 4. If they are not currently teaching, they should locate a suitable student such as a neighbor's child. Additionally, if the choose Option A for the final project, the will need to teach the lesson they develop to a small group or full class.







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