Using Google to become a 21st Century Administrator



Subject(s):Foreign Languages, Language Arts and Reading, Guidance, Health Education, Industrial Education, Interdisciplinary, Leadership Training, Multicultural Education, Music, Parent Education, Psychology, Science, Social Science, Volunteer, Special Education, Technology, Computer Education, Mathematics, Business, Art, Career Tech, Library Media, Basic Training, Physical Education, Standard 1 Planning for Continuous Improvement, Standard 2 Teaching and Learning, Standard 3 Human Resources Development, Standard 4 Diversity, Standard 5 Community and Stakeholder Relationships, Standard 6 Technology, Standard 7 Management of the Learning Organization, Standard 8 Ethics


Suggested Prerequisites: This is an introductory course for school administrators, teachers, technology specialists, curriculum specialists, professional development specialists, or other school personnel.  Participants are expected to have regular access to computers.  In addition, participants should be proficient with using email, browsing the Internet, and navigating to computer files.


Description/Abstract: This course is designed to acquaint school administrators with several web-based applications, designed by Google, which can be used to streamline communication and collaboration among staff, teachers and students. Focusing on helping busy school administrators find practical ways to collaborate and communicate, this module will provide a hands-on introduction to Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Blogger and will address critical issues for administrators to consider when introducing these technologies into school practices. Throughout the workshop, participants will explore numerous examples of Google applications being used creatively and successfully by school administrators. By the end of the workshop, administrators will have gained hands-on experience with these applications and developed a personal vision and action plan for integrating Google applications into their schools.


Objectives: During this course, participants will learn skills and strategies to:
• Use Google’s web-based applications to enhance communication and collaboration across the school community;
• Identify at least two Google applications that could support school operations;
• Become proficient in at least one Google application;
• Identify potential problems/issues with introducing Google applications, and have a plan for resolving these issues;
• Identify online and offline support resources; and
• Develop a personal vision and action plan for integrating Google applications into their school.

ACLD approved for 1 PLU with later enrollment in 2-week Showcase course PLUACLD072 to begin 6-months after EDU5508.