Tips and Tricks for Making Your Video Production Sing



Description/Abstract: This course is designed to aid educators in using video production in the classroom.  Creation of original video is a 21st Century technology skill, and this course will provide evidence of the benefits of educator led video production.  Examples of classroom video production and the necessary how-to’s for creating video will be part of this course.

Objectives: Goals
This course will enable participants to:
• Recognize the benefits of video production for the classroom
• Become familiar with the basics of video production
• Create original lesson plans incorporating video production

Assessment and Course Requirements

Each session includes readings, activities, and a discussion forum assignment, which participants are required to complete.

Course Products

Participants will create an original lesson plan incorporating video production in the curriculum by the teacher or students

Discussion Participation

Participants will be evaluated on the frequency and quality of their discussion forum participation.  Participants are required to post one original thread and respond to at least two existing threads per weekly session.  Postings will be reviewed based on their relevance, demonstrated understanding of course concepts, examples cited, and overall quality.  Postings that respond to other participants will be evaluated on relevance, degree to which they extend the discussion, and tone.