(PD Title No. EDU4461E)

Explore APTPlus—A Treasure Trove of Digital Resources for Educators

Proficiency Level: Mastery

Subject(s):Foreign Languages,Language Arts and Reading,Guidance,Health Education,Industrial Education,Interdisciplinary,Leadership Training,Multicultural Education,Music,Parent Education,Psychology,Science,Social Science,Volunteer,Special Education,Technology,Computer Education,Mathematics,Business,Art,Career Tech,Library Media,Basic Training,Physical Education,Standard 1 Planning for Continuous Improvement,Standard 2 Teaching and Learning,Standard 3 Human Resources Development,Standard 4 Diversity,Standard 5 Community and Stakeholder Relationships,Standard 6 Technology,Standard 7 Management of the Learning Organization,Standard 8 Ethics

Grade(s): PreK,K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,CC,Other

Hours: 30.00


Description: The focus of this course is to familiarize and train educators in how to access the digital databases available through the APTPlus website.  Based on the National Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for Teachers, all teachers should “Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments”.  

NETS-T (Technology Standards for Teachers)

This course will allow educators to locate and use appropriate digital resources to support and enrich student learning.

Instructions on how to register and log in through APTPlus will serve as the starting point for this six week course.  From the homepage, educators will explore the databases within APTPlus, and the course will concentrate on the newest database Learn360.

Weekly sessions will provide opportunities to search for content specific resources and to utilize the unique educational features of each digital media source.  Readings, activities, and online tutorials will assist educators in discovering the many digital treasures located within APTPlus.


Pre-requisites: The audience for this online course will be Alabama educators in K-12 pubic, private, and parachocial schools, educators in higher education, including pre-service teachers, home school teachers, childcare professionals, and community program providers.

Participants need to have weekly access to a computer and should be comfortable navigating websites and using email.  High speed internet access is preferred and the computer should have media players downloaded. (The necessary plug in links will be available in the Orientation session.)  Before beginning Session 1, participants must have an APTPlus account with a username and password.  (For those who do not have an account, registration instructions will be provided in the Orientation session.)


Objectives: This course will enable participants to:

•access the APTPlus website  www.aptplus.org
•register and log in to the APTPlus homepage
•begin a content specific search from a digital database
•become familiar with and explore each of the digital databases within APTPlus
•utilize each database by searching for digital resources to support and enrich their instructional curriculum
•locate subject area and grade level appropriate digital resources within the databases
•explore the educational features such as: assignment builder, my content, and quiz maker within a database
•use digital resources from APTPlus to design lesson plans for students
• discover the impact of using video resources to enhance the curriculum
• develop strategies for effectively using video resources in the classroom
• increase the use of digital resources in the instruction program





  No Cost to Participant