(PD Title No. EDU4401E)
Approaches and Tools for Developing Web-Enhanced Lessons
Proficiency Level: Mastery
Subject(s):Music,Parent Education,Foreign Languages,Language Arts and Reading,Guidance,Health Education,Industrial Education,Interdisciplinary,Leadership Training,Multicultural Education,Psychology,Science,Social Science,Volunteer,Special Education,Technology,Computer Education,Mathematics,Business,Art,Career Tech,Library Media
Grade(s): PreK,K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,CC,Other
Hours: 30.00


Description:In this course, participants will gain hands-on experience using Web-based tools to develop collaborative, inquiry-based curricula. Participants will take an in-depth look at four Web-based curriculum formats including Hotlists, Treasure Hunts, Multimedia Scrapbooks, and WebQuests. Exemplary curricula in each format will be analyzed, critiqued and evaluated for applicability to participants' own classroom needs. Participants will leave the course with detailed plans for developing Web-enhanced lessons for their own curricula.
Pre-requisites: This is an introductory course for teachers, technology specialists, curriculum specialists, professional development specialists, or other school personnel.  Participants are expected to have regular access to computers.  In addition, participants should be proficient with using email, browsing the Internet, and navigating to computer files.
Objectives: This workshop will enable participants to:
1. Learn about simple but powerful Web-based tools to help enhance curriculum activities
2. Develop a personal collection of Web-based resources for curricular use
3. Learn about Web-based activity formats that match curricular goals
4. Plan a standards-based Web-enhanced lesson for classroom use