(PD Title No. CCTI101)
Module One: Building a College-Going Culture for All Students
Proficiency Level: Mastery
Grade(s): PreK,K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,CC,Other
Hours: 20.00


Description:This module includes four sessions:  introduction to the counselor’s role in student career and academic planning; creating a college-going mission; understanding and working with diverse populations; and communicating effectively with diverse student populations.  These sessions are designed for school counselors to develop an understanding of their role in developing a college-going mission for all students, particularly students in poverty or facing other barriers in postsecondary planning.  Additionally the sessions help counselors develop approaches for communicating and working with high-poverty students and diverse populations to remove barriers to high aspirations and achievement.

The term “college” is used throughout this module to refer to any postsecondary education or training in accordance with the NCAN (http://www.collegeaccess.org/NCAN/) definition: “College” … refers to a Pell-eligible educational institution beyond the high school level, including those that offer apprenticeship programs, certificates, and associate and/or bachelor degree programs.  

Pre-requisites: This is an introductory module for school guidance counselors developed through a partnership between CTE, SREB, EDC, and eLearning-Alabama. Participants are expected to have regular access to computers, and proficiency with email and current web-browsers.
Objectives: During this module, counselors will learn to:
• understand and communicate the role of the school counselor across all areas to gain faculty and administrator support for the counseling program
• advocate for the improvement of student school success and to remove barriers to high aspirations and achievement
• promote a “college-going” mission across the total school landscape
• identify and understand how the diversity of the school cultural landscape impacts college access and success
• develop strategies and approaches for communicating and working with diverse student and parent population