Early Childhood Book Reading Practices



Subject(s):Language Arts and Reading

Hours: 30.00

Proficiency Levels: Mastery







  No Cost to Participant




Suggested Prerequisites: This workshop helps provides early childhood educators with an understanding of young children's oral language development and appropriate approaches for promoting language and emergent literacy in their classrooms. Participants are expected to have regular access to computers and proficiency with email and current Web browsers.

Description/Abstract: Book reading in the early childhood classroom is not only one of the most important practices for building later reading success, but it is probably one of the more enjoyable experiences for both teachers and children. In this workshop early childhood educators will explore quality children’s literature and best book reading practices. Participants will learn ways to share various genres of books in the classroom. They will learn the importance of multiple re-readings and strategies to foster children’s vocabulary knowledge, print concepts, phonological awareness, and reading comprehension during large and small group readings. Workshop assignments will invite participants to research quality children’s literature and develop book reading planners with specific goals for children’s learning.

Objectives: This workshop will enable participants to:
• Understand how book reading impacts children’s language and literacy development;
• Learn effective strategies for utilizing different book genres in the classroom;
• Understand how multiple readings of the same book can enhance children’s cognitive and literacy skills;
• Learn how to implement interactive book reading sessions that deepen children’s comprehension;
• Learn ways to support vocabulary development through book reading;
• Learn ways to integrate books and book reading into classroom curriculum activities.

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